While Tim Green has written a bevy of different children’s books over his illustrious, two decade career, one book in particular has caught the attention of an entire southern Minnesota school.

Left Out, Tim’s latest work, was read by the entire school as an all school project of sorts. In a letter to the editor of the Waseca County News, Waseca Intermediate student, Deb Vetter, wrote about the book, citing its importance to the school, and to a larger extent, the community. In the letter, Vetter stated that after the student body had read the book, it sparked, “lively discussions, shared with a rollercoaster of emotions.”

She also went on to say, “[Left Out’s] powerful message will continue to help us remember to treat each person with respect and acknowledge each other’s strengths and limitations.”

The book centers on Landon Dorch, a deaf student at a new school, looking to fit in. Unfortunately, due to his disability, he is treated as an outcast. The story deals with Dorch’s struggle to fit in by playing on the school’s football team. Vetter also mentioned that Tim’s portrayal of Dorch was, “powerfully honest and filled with character-building examples.”

Tim visited the intermediate school last month, as part of his ongoing campaign to push the importance of reading. His presentation, titled “Reading is Weightlifting For the Brain,” left quite the impression on the student body. “Tim engaged us all in a powerful event that moved us from laughter to tears,” said Vetter. “Tim emphasizes the importance of education and challenged each of us to set goals and work to achieve each of them with a positive attitude and determination.”

Tim has visited over 1,000 schools across the country and has spoken to over half a million students about the importance of education and having good character.

As a former NFL player and football coach, Tim Green’s long collection of novels all deal with tough issues regarding young adults involved in sports, in ways that are gripping as well as educational. To learn more about Left Out, or any of Tim’s other works, visit timgreenbooks.com.