In a series from The Falcoholic, a SB Nation arm for Atlanta Falcons fans, they covered the best players to wear certain numbers for the Dirty Birds of Atlanta. At the very end of the list comes #99 and of course, Tim Green.

Tim Green played eight seasons for the Atlanta Falcons where he started more than seventy games. His tenure is a testament to his toughness and dedication to his health, as playing Linebacker and Defensive Line for an NFL team is no light undertaking physically. Tim Green was able to double the league’s average career length, showing he was truly an impressive and valued player. He compiled an impressive 24 sacks, 9 fumble recoveries and a safety during his career which hurdles him to the honor of receiving the “Best #99 in Atlanta History” award (not a real award).

Tim adds to his impressive NFL career with his impressive college career. He played defensive line at Syracuse University where he earned the distinction of All-American.

Be sure to read the full list(click on the picture below) that was wrapped up by Tim Green and see if he makes the All-time Best Falcons team.


For more info about Tim Green, please visit his main website.