On October 6th, Tim Green appeared on LocalSyr.com to discuss the recent deaths of four high-school football players that occurred over the course of just four weeks.

Concussions have been of rising concern for parents, coaches, and fans as doctors and scientists have come to better understand their long-term effects and risks in recent years. They’re an injury that can cause serious mental and physical damage at any age, and this damage can create long-term effects or even lead to death if not properly treated.

According to the director of the Upstate Concussion Center, football and women’s soccer are responsible for the majority of concussions, leading many to criticize their safety and demand reform.

These recent deaths have reignited the debate about the safety of the sport within the community. Tim Green, former NFL player for the Atlanta Falcons, weighs in, noting that it’s up to every parent to weight the risks and rewards of playing the game.

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