It’s football season and that means it’s also Play 60/Read 20 season. Tim Green has been traveling across the country to spread the word on reading. Green has partnered up with schools and NFL players to speak on the benefits of balancing an active lifestyle with a reading lifestyle. Along the way, Tim has spoken on a number of television programs about a number of things.

On Fox and Friends, Tim Green recently opened up with his compassionate views on how the Kaepernick kneel has started to grow in prominence amongst youth athletes. Although it may be heartbreaking to see, Tim asserts, these acts of protest actually embody one of the greatest things about this country–the right to free expression.

On Bridge Street for, Tim Green spoke about the origins of his most recent book Left Out and how he hopes his story will speak to readers. “Entertainment is the first order of the business” but the aims of the book are far more reaching. “I want people to see someone who’s different….and see how they are the same on the inside.” According to Tim, the ultimate message of the book is one of inclusion and acceptance.

On Good Day New York (Fox 5), Tim spoke about the need to create stories that are engaging to young readers. He then spoke of a recent trip to a school in Franklin, New Jersey where he partnered with several local NFL players to impart a desire to learn and overcome obstacles onto kids. At Franklin, Tim Greene also spoke about how challenging it may be to overcome obstacles, but how it is a necessity of life.

Stay tuned for more new and updates from Tim Green!