Tim Green recently opened a contest on Facebook in order to nominate names for a character in his upcoming book (no official title released). Outpouring of support for many names began to surface including Tyler Hutt, a seventeen year old high school football player who tragically died of a sudden pulmonary embolism last August.

Tyler’s community all supported the cause, getting as many people to like his nomination as possible, totally more than two thousand likes. Unfortunately, the voting only tallied him as second place in the contest. Even though this contest had concluded, Tim Green announced that he would still be incorporating Tyler’s name into his book, cited how moving the support was for his cause. Tyler will be the name of the high school football coach within the book. The character, many say fit Tyler’s personality better as he was considering a career in the coaching field.

Immortalizing this young man in a book that many will read for years is a perfect way to commemorate his zest for life and overall attitude.

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