Tim Green was recently featured in an in-depth article from Above the Law called The View From Up North. This interview went through his big bulleted resume and opens up a deeper insight into how he became so successful in many different professions.tim-green

The flattering piece written by Steve Dykstra concluded with a section listing everything the author had learned about Tim. Stating that he is incredibly busy, having so many things on his plate at one time was impressive. He chases his passions and pursues his goals despite unconventional stigma. He also notes how such success can lead to many people to dislike Tim and resent the broad strokes of his career.

Drawing on Tim’s inspiration though, Steve urges readers to chase their own dreams with the fervor that Tim has chased his. With all he has done he continues to strive for more, and that is something that we can all take with us moving forward.

To read the full transcription of the interview please click the picture above. For more info about Tim Green, please visit his main website.