Tim Green, lawyer, author and former NFL player, was recently featured on ABC Channel 9’s Syracuse news station, on a segment called “Bridge Street.” During the segment, Tim was interviewed on his thoughts on his newest book, “Baseball Genius,” which was co-written with baseball legend Derek Jeter.


During the interview, Tim Green revealed how he and Derek came in contact and offered some insight into the making of the book. When asked what he wanted young readers to gain from the story, Tim explained the novel’s original purpose.


“It’s a book about perseverance and kindness, acceptance, loyalty…Jalen is a multi-ethnic boy, like Derek was, so he has challenges that he has to overcome and Derek took a big part in that, in his character, that’s part of the story,” Tim said.


“Baseball Genius” centers around Jalen DeLuca, a boy who can analyze a pitcher and know the type of throw he will cast. He uses this amazing ability to aid the at-risk career of New York Yankee, James Yager, after he is caught attempting to steal baseballs from Yager’s home.


As Tim mentioned, Derek wanted to incorporate his own personal experiences into the book. Because of this, “Baseball Genius” gives young readers something of a “behind the scenes” look at the world of Major League Baseball.


Another major theme of the book is the inclusion of strong female characters. In the interview, Tim mentioned the importance of including “tough as nails” girls in the book, in order to instill a positive perception of women into the minds of young male readers.


“I think it’s also good for boys who are sports boys and tough and rough and macho to have a character in this story, written by me and Derek Jeter, so they see what our perception of a girl is, and she’s smart and nice, but tough,” said Tim.


The book is the first entry in a planned trilogy of baseball themed books from the two authors.


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Make sure to watch tim Green’s interview in the video below!

Tim Green on Bridge Street