It’s no secret that Tim Green has had an illustrious career. He’s practically done it all. From high-profile high school athlete to full-fledged NFL star, Tim Green has managed to forge quite the resume for himself. Currently, he is a lawyer at Barclay Damon as well as a New York Times best-selling author of a variety of books, his most recent being “Baseball Genius,” which he co wrote with baseball legend Derek Jeter.


And although Tim currently has much to be proud of, it would appear as though his achievements from his youth are being recognized. has recently published an article titled “Syracuse University Sports Top 25 All-Time Greats,” in which Tim is featured as number 21. According to the list, the staff over at sifted through thousands of players, coaches and other contributors to SU’s sports programs over its storied, 128 year history.


Tim Green’s time at Syracuse was nothing short of legendary.


While being sought after by almost every major university in the country, Tim chose to play for Syracuse in 1982. As a starter on the defensive line, Tim was able to set several records including most sacks in a season (15), most sacks in a game (4), and most sacks in a career with 45.5. Before Tim came to SU, the school’s football team was not necessarily all that impressive, with a combined 9-22 record the two years before Tim was brought on. However, Tim’s electric personality and athletic ability helped forge a much different team, with the Syracuse Orange’s record at 11-0-1 two years after Tim left.


Because of Tim’s outstanding athletic accomplishments, he was a two-time All-American and was even inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2002.


Also featured on the list are Syracuse University legends Larry Csonka (12), Donovan McNabb (11), Carmelo Anthony (7) and Jim Brown (1).
Tim Green is incredibly honored and appreciative to have been included in the list, and will continue to make Syracuse and the Syracuse Orange proud.