Best-selling author and former Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Tim Green and Chicago Bear Martellus Bennett understand the importance of reading and fitness.

On a cool day in October, the two athletes made a visit to students at Stuart Paddock Elementary School in Palatine where they led the school in 60 minutes of fitness and football drills before heading in to the school’s library to read the first few chapters of Green’s latest book, “Kid Owner.”

As Green stated,

Kids look up to football players. This is a great opportunity to share with them the message of education.”

The event was part of the NFL’s Play 60/Read 20 initiative, a program that encourages kids to participate in 60 minutes of physical activity and 20 minutes of reading in every day.

More than 100 Paddock students participated as Bennett and Green, with the help of a few staff members and parent volunteers, led students through the drills.

Bennet gave tips like,

You actually catch the ball with your eyes, not your hands. You have to look the ball all the way to your hands. If you can see it, you can catch it.”

After the kids tried their hand at the different drills, everyone headed inside to hear Green and Bennett read the first four chapters of Green’s book, “Kid Owner,” a story about a Texas kid who inherits the Dallas Cowboys.

As Bennett and Green’s visit came to an end, they announced that each student would get a new, signed copy of “Kid Owner.”

This video originally appeared on the Daily Herald. You can view the video and accompanying article here.  For more info about Tim Green, please visit his main website.