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Tim Green - Tim Green Featured on Bridge Street

Tim Green Featured on Bridge Street

Tim Green, lawyer, author and former NFL player, was recently featured on ABC Channel 9’s Syracuse news station, on a segment called “Bridge Street.” During the segment, Tim was interviewed on his thoughts on his newest book, “Baseball Genius,” which was co-written with baseball legend Derek Jeter.


During the interview, Tim Green revealed how he and Derek came in contact and offered some insight into the making of the book. When asked what he wanted young readers to gain from the story, Tim explained the novel’s original purpose.


“It’s a book about perseverance and kindness, acceptance, loyalty…Jalen is a multi-ethnic boy, like Derek was, so he has challenges that he has to overcome and Derek took a big part in that, in his character, that’s part of the story,” Tim said.


“Baseball Genius” centers around Jalen DeLuca, a boy who can analyze a pitcher and know the type of throw he will cast. He uses this amazing ability to aid the at-risk career of New York Yankee, James Yager, after he is caught attempting to steal baseballs from Yager’s home.


As Tim mentioned, Derek wanted to incorporate his own personal experiences into the book. Because of this, “Baseball Genius” gives young readers something of a “behind the scenes” look at the world of Major League Baseball.


Another major theme of the book is the inclusion of strong female characters. In the interview, Tim mentioned the importance of including “tough as nails” girls in the book, in order to instill a positive perception of women into the minds of young male readers.


“I think it’s also good for boys who are sports boys and tough and rough and macho to have a character in this story, written by me and Derek Jeter, so they see what our perception of a girl is, and she’s smart and nice, but tough,” said Tim.


The book is the first entry in a planned trilogy of baseball themed books from the two authors.


If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Tim Green’s book, “Baseball Genius,” visit Timgreenbooks.com!
Make sure to watch tim Green’s interview in the video below!

Tim Green on Bridge Street

Tim Green - Tim Green Featured in Top 25 of Syracuse University All-Time Greats

Tim Green Featured in Top 25 of Syracuse University All-Time Greats

It’s no secret that Tim Green has had an illustrious career. He’s practically done it all. From high-profile high school athlete to full-fledged NFL star, Tim Green has managed to forge quite the resume for himself. Currently, he is a lawyer at Barclay Damon as well as a New York Times best-selling author of a variety of books, his most recent being “Baseball Genius,” which he co wrote with baseball legend Derek Jeter.


And although Tim currently has much to be proud of, it would appear as though his achievements from his youth are being recognized. Syracuse.com has recently published an article titled “Syracuse University Sports Top 25 All-Time Greats,” in which Tim is featured as number 21. According to the list, the staff over at Syracuse.com sifted through thousands of players, coaches and other contributors to SU’s sports programs over its storied, 128 year history.


Tim Green’s time at Syracuse was nothing short of legendary.


While being sought after by almost every major university in the country, Tim chose to play for Syracuse in 1982. As a starter on the defensive line, Tim was able to set several records including most sacks in a season (15), most sacks in a game (4), and most sacks in a career with 45.5. Before Tim came to SU, the school’s football team was not necessarily all that impressive, with a combined 9-22 record the two years before Tim was brought on. However, Tim’s electric personality and athletic ability helped forge a much different team, with the Syracuse Orange’s record at 11-0-1 two years after Tim left.


Because of Tim’s outstanding athletic accomplishments, he was a two-time All-American and was even inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2002.


Also featured on the list are Syracuse University legends Larry Csonka (12), Donovan McNabb (11), Carmelo Anthony (7) and Jim Brown (1).
Tim Green is incredibly honored and appreciative to have been included in the list, and will continue to make Syracuse and the Syracuse Orange proud.

Tim Green - Tim Green and Derek Jeter Featured On CBS This Morning For “Baseball Genius”

Tim Green and Derek Jeter Featured On CBS This Morning For “Baseball Genius”

Tim Green and Derek Jeter were recently featured on CBS This Morning to discuss the release of their new book, Baseball Genius. The duo discussed some of the background information of the book and how it came to be.

Baseball Genius tells the incredible story of Jalen DeLuca, a teenage boy who wants to join a baseball travel team, but cannot afford it. In an attempt to get some quick money, Jalen breaks into the house of New York Yankee, James Yager, and steals some baseballs. After getting caught by Yager, Jalen uses his unique ability of being able to tell what kind of pitch a pitcher will throw to help Yager’s at-risk career.

Green and Jeter discussed a variety of topics on the show, including how the two came to work together, the real life influences on the book and the novel’s message to children.

In the segment, Green stated that after receiving a phone call from two of Jeter’s publicist’s, he jumped at the chance to pen a novel with the baseball legend. Jeter also revealed how his real life influenced the story, with the main character sharing the same name as his nephew, and how his deep insight into Major League Baseball played a large role in the novel.

The two also discussed how the book tackles contemporary social issues, such as immigration, poverty and bullying. “What we’ve tried to do is incorporate the lessons that I’ve learned through my parents…and what we teach our kids through our foundation…and we try to do that with diverse characters and interesting stories. And, you know, these are issues that kids are facing nowadays. It’s front and center and you really can’t shy away from it, and we decided to tackle that,” said Jeter when asked about the novel’s bi-racial main character.

Green also noted the importance that reading has, not only on education, but on behavior and acceptance as well. “You know the thing about books is, when kids read, they get smarter, they perform better in school. But most importantly, [when] kids read, they get a little kinder, because they put themselves in someone else’s shoes. So that’s why I think it’s important that our characters are a little different.”

For the full interview, see the video below. If you are interested purchasing a copy of Baseball Genius, click here.


Tim Green - Super Bowl LI: Falcons vs. Patriots

Super Bowl LI: Falcons vs. Patriots

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time is nigh. Records have been set, bones have been broken, emotions have run high and all 256 regular season and 10 playoff games have been played in the National Football League. There remains only one: the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has gone from an average, run-of-the-mill football game to something of a countrywide spectacular event. With million dollar commercials, celebrity performances and of course, world titles, the Super Bowl is not a game to be missed, even for those who don’t care for the sport.

This year sees the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots. One team has a record 9 Super Bowl appearances (4 of which they won) and the other has yet to even win one. The Patriots are no stranger to the spotlight, with Brady and Belichick accounting for all four of those Super Bowl wins. Falcons QB, Matt Ryan, on the other hand has never even been to a Super Bowl, which could potentially put a great amount of pressure on him.

As far as statistics are concerned, the Patriots also have the upper hand, with an intimidating defense that allowed only 250 points all season long, and the standard, fully functional offense that Brady has been running since 2000. While the Falcons’ offense has been red-hot, especially in the playoffs, the same cannot be said about their defense. Totalling a whopping 371.2 yards and 25 points allowed per game during the regular season, the Falcons must fix whatever is broken about their defense, otherwise, Brady and co. will definitely take advantage.

The Falcons should also focus on striking as quickly as possible,in order to get the advantage over New England and never let the Pats take the lead. Ryan’s fourth-quarter QBR for the regular season was 54.3%, and what’s worse, when trailing, his final two-minute rating was 2.2%. Getting the lead early, and keeping it, is definitely key to an Atlanta victory. The Falcons also have an amazing weapon in wide receiver Julio Jones who earned an NFL-high of 100.6 yards per game!

While it may seem like the odds are stacked against the Falcons, I have the utmost faith in my former team to pull away with a victory. Matt Ryan is currently on a hot streak, with 730 passing yards, seven touchdowns and zero interceptions in only two games. If they can continue their momentum early and just stay ahead of the Brady Bunch, they will do just fine.

Tim Green - Battle of the Birds: Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks

Battle of the Birds: Falcons vs. Seahawks

The new year is here and 2017 is in full motion. Frigid temperatures, icy roads and snow laden streets and houses are now the norm, and will continue to be so for the next few months. And while these are all terrific staples of the first few months of the year, one particular yearly tradition stands out above the rest: the NFL playoffs. This year’s heated contest is shaping up to be a tremendous race to the Super Bowl. With the Wild Card round out of the way, this weekend’s Divisional Round will weed out the weaker teams even further in the quest for league dominance. One game in particular has the attention of many: The Seattle Seahawks versus the Atlanta Falcons.

This upcoming Saturday, January 14, the Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1) will visit the Georgia Dome to take on the Atlanta Falcons (11-5). A rematch of week 6, the Falcons are looking to exact revenge upon the Hawks after losing 26-24. The game, which took place on Oct. 16, was a fairly even match up, showing just how evenly matched the two teams are. But that was three months ago, and things in football can change rapidly. For one, the absence of Seahawks’ safety Earl Thomas, could drastically change the tone of Saturday’s game. In their first outing, Thomas proved to be challenging for the Falcons racking up four tackles, three stopped passes and an interception that set up the game-winning field goal. This time, however, Thomas will not be present after suffering a broken tibia, rendering him out for the remainder of the season. This could give the Falcons a leg up.

Most viewers will probably focus on the match up between Falcons receiver Julio Jones and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. While Sherman is certainly good at what he does (the star cornerback is known for his boastful personality), Jones proved in October’s game that he can keep up with Sherman. Sherman guarded Jones for only five passes, but Jones came down with the ball three times, for a total of 40 yards. It should be exciting watching these two go toe-to-toe.

While a large majority of the public is excited for the Green Bay vs. Dallas game, I’m personally excited for this rematch. As a former Falcon myself, I cannot wait to see this game.

On a side note, this may be the final NFL game ever played in the Georgia Dome, seeing as how the Falcons are set to move to the $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium next season, with the Georgia Dome being demolished to make way for premier parking, a park and a reserved area for a luxury hotel. So if this truly is the last game the Falcons will play in the Georgia Dome, I hope they come away with a huge win!

Tim Green - Top 5 College Bowl Games To Watch

Top 5 College Bowl Games To Watch

As we enter December and the end of 2016, there are several things going on that are fighting for our attention. The holidays, shopping, family time and food, and of course, football. And while we still have to wait another two months before the top two teams in the NFL duke it out, we have more than enough college football to tide us over until then. December is College Bowl season, and this year is shaping up to be an exciting one. With that said, here are the top 5 games, in no particular order, that are sure to get everybody talking.

Outback Bowl – Iowa University vs. Florida University

When: January 2, 1PM, ABC

Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida

This year’s Outback Bowl pits two teams together with a bit of a history when it comes to this bowl game in particular. Both teams faced against each other twice before in the Outback Bowl, once during the ‘03 season, and again during the ‘05 season. While the Hawkeyes ran away with a victory in in their first outing, crushing the Gators 37-17, Florida managed to redeem themselves the second time around, winning 31-24. However, that second game is hotly debated, with many claiming that the officiating was rather one-sided in favor of the Gators. The coordinator of Conference USA officials even publicly admitted that mistakes were made in the Outback Bowl’s officiating. With Iowa no doubt feeling cheated the last time around, they will put on one heck of a show for us.

Rose Bowl – Penn State vs. USC

When: January 2, 5PM, ESPN

Where: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California

Another doozy of a game, this bowl, dubbed “The Granddaddy of Them All,” will have the on-fire Penn State Nittany Lions fight the University of Southern California Trojans in a very highly anticipated game. Even though the game is about a month away, early reports indicate that this game is going to be watched more than the College Football Championship Semifinal games, with Rose Bowl ticket prices double that of the Peach Bowl. Higher ticket prices typically mean a more popular game, and since the Rose Bowl’s ticket prices are averaging about $860, compared to the Peach Bowl’s $388, it’s fair to say that the Rose Bowl is the crowd favorite.

Orange Bowl – Michigan vs. Florida State

When: December 30, 8PM, ESPN

Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida

Another Florida college game to watch, the Orange Bowl should prove interesting for both teams. Although both the Wolverines and the Seminoles have battled it out before in the regular season, they have yet to face off during the postseason. What makes the match-up so anticipated is the result of their last outing. With an almost perfect record, Michigan’s only loss of the regular ‘91 season came at the hands of Florida State. Ultimately, Michigan went on to lose the Rose Bowl that year, but they still have a bad taste in their mouths from their last Florida matchup.

Peach Bowl – Washington vs. Alabama

When: December 31, 3PM, ESPN

Where: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

This bowl game is different from the others on this list, not just because of the two incredibly talented teams that are playing in it, but because it has actual weight to it. The Peach Bowl is a playoff game. It’s the gateway to the College Football Playoff National Championship game. There’s no room for error. Winner takes all. And luckily, both teams have barely made any mistakes. The Washington Huskies have only one loss this season to the USC Spartans. Aside from that, they have been absolutely stellar. And it would seem that the Alabama Crimson Tide don’t even know the meaning of the word failure. They have an undefeated season, which is going to make this one fantastic slugfest. However, Alabama is missing one of their top defensive players: Eddie Jackson. Jackson was ruled out for the season back in week 8 when he fractured his leg. It was a crushing loss for Alabama, but they managed to push through and remain undefeated. Can the Crimson Tide continue its winning streak and go all the way?

Fiesta Bowl – Ohio State vs. Clemson

When: December 31, 7PM, ESPN

Where: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

Another highly anticipated playoff game, the Fiesta Bowl will see the Ohio State Buckeyes play the Clemson Tigers for a shot at the championship title. While Clemson has played before in the Fiesta Bowl before, it is the Buckeyes who have a much more intimate history with the playoff game. After this game, the Ohio State Buckeyes will have played in the Fiesta Bowl a record eight times. And what’s more, they could potentially be the only team in history to win the bowl twice in a calendar year. Last season’s Fiesta Bowl, held on January 1st of this year, saw the Buckeyes defeating Notre Dame 44-28. This game not only holds the possibility of making it to the championship game for both teams, but a bevy of college football records for Ohio in particular. For those of you looking for a match with a whole lot more than a championship title riding on it, be sure to tune in to this one.

Tim Green's Left Out Teaches Entire School Important Lessons

Tim Green’s ‘Left Out’ Teaches Entire School Life Lessons

While Tim Green has written a bevy of different children’s books over his illustrious, two decade career, one book in particular has caught the attention of an entire southern Minnesota school.

Left Out, Tim’s latest work, was read by the entire school as an all school project of sorts. In a letter to the editor of the Waseca County News, Waseca Intermediate student, Deb Vetter, wrote about the book, citing its importance to the school, and to a larger extent, the community. In the letter, Vetter stated that after the student body had read the book, it sparked, “lively discussions, shared with a rollercoaster of emotions.”

She also went on to say, “[Left Out’s] powerful message will continue to help us remember to treat each person with respect and acknowledge each other’s strengths and limitations.”

The book centers on Landon Dorch, a deaf student at a new school, looking to fit in. Unfortunately, due to his disability, he is treated as an outcast. The story deals with Dorch’s struggle to fit in by playing on the school’s football team. Vetter also mentioned that Tim’s portrayal of Dorch was, “powerfully honest and filled with character-building examples.”

Tim visited the intermediate school last month, as part of his ongoing campaign to push the importance of reading. His presentation, titled “Reading is Weightlifting For the Brain,” left quite the impression on the student body. “Tim engaged us all in a powerful event that moved us from laughter to tears,” said Vetter. “Tim emphasizes the importance of education and challenged each of us to set goals and work to achieve each of them with a positive attitude and determination.”

Tim has visited over 1,000 schools across the country and has spoken to over half a million students about the importance of education and having good character.

As a former NFL player and football coach, Tim Green’s long collection of novels all deal with tough issues regarding young adults involved in sports, in ways that are gripping as well as educational. To learn more about Left Out, or any of Tim’s other works, visit timgreenbooks.com.

Tim Green Speaks On Kaepernick, Reading, and Acceptance

It’s football season and that means it’s also Play 60/Read 20 season. Tim Green has been traveling across the country to spread the word on reading. Green has partnered up with schools and NFL players to speak on the benefits of balancing an active lifestyle with a reading lifestyle. Along the way, Tim has spoken on a number of television programs about a number of things.

On Fox and Friends, Tim Green recently opened up with his compassionate views on how the Kaepernick kneel has started to grow in prominence amongst youth athletes. Although it may be heartbreaking to see, Tim asserts, these acts of protest actually embody one of the greatest things about this country–the right to free expression.

On Bridge Street for LocalSyr.com, Tim Green spoke about the origins of his most recent book Left Out and how he hopes his story will speak to readers. “Entertainment is the first order of the business” but the aims of the book are far more reaching. “I want people to see someone who’s different….and see how they are the same on the inside.” According to Tim, the ultimate message of the book is one of inclusion and acceptance.

On Good Day New York (Fox 5), Tim spoke about the need to create stories that are engaging to young readers. He then spoke of a recent trip to a school in Franklin, New Jersey where he partnered with several local NFL players to impart a desire to learn and overcome obstacles onto kids. At Franklin, Tim Greene also spoke about how challenging it may be to overcome obstacles, but how it is a necessity of life.

Stay tuned for more new and updates from Tim Green!

Tim Green Discusses Play 60 / Read 20 Campaign With FOX News

Former NFL player Tim Green has been promoting the NFL’s Play 60 / Read 20 campaign for years. He has visited hundreds of schools, worked with a number of important NFL players still in the league, and given away countless books in order to encourage kids to take care of both their bodies and minds.

Back in October of 2014, Tim Green spoke with FOX News about the campaign, and what he has to say still rings true today. The youth of today should be having fun both outdoors and with reading, every single day. Kids who are physically active and read every day perform better in school across the board and have better overall health.

Play the video below to hear Tim Green discuss his mission in this campaign with FOX News anchor, Uma Pemmaraju.

Oct. 11, 2014 – 4:18 – The importance of reading along with physical fitness.

To learn more about Tim Green’s career, please visit Tim Green’s Homepage.

Tim Green Guest Bartends for Charity Event at The Krebs in Skaneateles


On December 17th, Tim Green acted as the local guest bartender at The Krebs restaurant, in Skaneateles for a mission charity event.

The retired NFL player, attorney, television personality, and best-selling author Tim Green served drinks alongside First Niagara Bank Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking Alison Miller for the event.

Tim Green Bartends 1

A portion of the tips at the bar benefited Griffin’s Guardians, a nonprofit organization that brings awareness to Pediatric Cancer, assists in funding research for Pediatric Cancer, and provides affected families with financial assistance. The other portion went towards families in the community to help them during the holiday season.

Griffin’s Guardians was founded by Adam and Erin Engle in December 2014. Their son, Griffin, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme the day after his 6th birthday. He went through a host of treatments including major brain surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible, 33 radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and physical therapy.

Tragically, one month after his 7th birthday he passed away. The entire time Griffin was facing treatment and uncertainty, he remained grateful for his family and every second he had to be alive. His story won the hearts of the community and Tim Green.

When it came time for Tim Green to name a character in his latest book “Kid Owner,” the decision was easy. While hosting a Facebook contest to name a character, Skaneateles resident Matt Major nominated Griffin Engle’s name and told Green all about the young boy who, at that time, was still in the middle of his battled with pediatric cancer.

Green’s reaction was immediate, “I said, ‘You got it.’ I put Griffin in front, and he blew up my Facebook page. All of the supporters voted for him.”

Though the book wasn’t yet published, Tim Green pulled together the artwork and manuscript to make a book to send to Griffin and his family personally before he lost his battle to cancer.

When asked why he felt so compelled to pull the book together for Griffin, Green answered, “So his mom could read it to him. He was able to see it and hear the story with his name in it.”

Going through their sons cancer journey opened the Engle’s eyes to how under funded pediatric cancer research is. Instead of letting their tragedy consume them, they started their nonprofit, partnering with other organizations with a similar mission like St. Baldrick’s Foundation to partially fund a research grant of their choice. They also began providing financial assistance for basic living expenses that families paying for cancer treatments may no longer be able to afford.

The charity event took place in the bar of The Krebs, a historic restaurant founded in 1899 by Fred and Cora Krebs. The restaurant has been a popular landmark in Skaneateles for over 100 years and is known for it’s rich history serving past presidents, dignitaries, and celebrities.

The Krebs owner Kim Weitsman shared her feelings as such, “The mission surrounding Griffin’s Guardians is heartwarming and a wonderful cause that does so much for pediatric cancer research and families affected by this terrible disease. To lose a child to cancer is unfathomable, but what the family has done to turn a tragedy into a triumph for cancer research and support for families in central New York is inspiring.”

The charity event raised more than $4,000 for Griffin’s Guardians.

The first guest bartender charity event at The Krebs took place in November, and the restaurant wants to continue to host one event each month as part of its mission to give proceeds back to local organizations in the community. The Krebs is in the process of setting up events for January, February, and March.

Weitsman enjoys the events because they bring people together for a good cause while they participate in something they already enjoy doing: drinking with friends.

“It’s a different way for them to fundraise,” she explained.

Erin Engle agreed, calling the event “a win-win … a no-brainer.”

When the Weitsmans first asked Green to appear as a guest bartender for charity, he immediately thought of Griffin’s Guardians and got in touch with the Engles to see what they thought. Everyone, of course, thought it was a tremendous idea.

While nether Miller nor Green had any prior experience bartending, the staff at The Krebs helped them pull it all together to make the event a hit.

Tim Green Bartends 2

Reflecting on his first night as a bartender, Green said, “Everything I do, I try to do it with enthusiasm and a smile. It’s all a lot of good people trying to help.”

Along with tips at the bar, many people contributed checks to give towards the organization that night.

“They came out to support the charity, support The Krebs, support Griffin’s Guardians and support me,” Miller said. “You can’t ask for anything more.”

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