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Tim Green Features Youth In New Book

Tim Green recently opened a contest on Facebook in order to nominate names for a character in his upcoming book (no official title released). Outpouring of support for many names began to surface including Tyler Hutt, a seventeen year old high school football player who tragically died of a sudden pulmonary embolism last August. Tyler’s […]

Top 6 Shows of 2014

According to an annual edition of a Time Series: The year of 2014 has been filled with ups and downs as far as quality TV shows go. If you have access to cable and a tv set you may have heard of the top 10 TV shows of the year, if you don’t then read […]

New Television Faces

New television shows have brought in a fresh crop of faces dashing across the screens of our TV sets, or media platform. While many established actors have a special place in the hearts of fans, some new, breakthrough performers are worth paying attention to during prime time. Here are five new faces to watch this […]

Sports Talk Live

Tim Green talks football and Read20 with Sports Talk Live in Chicago after the Bears win over Tim’s former club, the Atlanta Falcons. Tim has recently been traveling the country to promote more reading throughout the nations young people who are football fans. He preaches the importance of working out your brain as well as […]

Windy City Live

Tim Green recently spoke with Windy City Live during an interview about his novel “First Team” and his initiative Read20 catered towards encouraging more reading in todays youth population. Tim, who played collegiate, and professional football was able to earn his law degree in the offseason while also publishing his first novel. To see the […]

Interview With Fox and Friends

Tim Green and Rashad Jennings talk to the Fox News crew about the Read20 program, similar to the Play60 initiative by the NFL. For more info about Tim Green, please visit his main website. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Video on Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins’ Name from Tim Green Syracuse. For more info about Tim Green, please visit his main website.

Entertainment While You Fly

While some airlines have adopted in-flight entertainment, not all of them have considered making it free for all.  The most common flights with in-flight entertainment that is free can be found on international flights but recently Delta Airlines decided that they were going to up the bar and break the mold on that idea.  Starting […]

Katie Couric Done with TV

Katie Couric is now the Chief Global Anchor of Yahoo and you could say that her career has had the benefit of talent and timing all at once.  In a FOX News article, Couric mentions that when she had an interview with John Kerry recently it was liberating to have 30 minutes to talk with […]

AT&T To Buy DirecTV?

In a recent Bloomberg article, there is a strong speculation that AT&T could be joining other groups that have Internet, T.V. and wireless phone providers, by buying DirecTV.  It is expected, if the deal goes down, that the purchase would hover around $50 billion.  With DirecTV CEO Mike White a candidate to retire after 2015, […]

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