tim_green_syracuse_profileTim Green Syracuse is from the Greater Syracuse Area and is a former NFL and collegiate athlete, lawyer, published author, TV personality and host of many shows found below. Known as a Renaissance man by Sports Illustrated, Tim Green has appeared as an expert on the NFL and in law on many shows including National Public Radio, Court TV, Good Morning America, and many more. For a full list of his credits, you can view Tim Green’s TV Guide profile and IMDB profile.

Tim Green recently co-authored a novel with baseball legend Derek Jeter. He was recently featured in Syrcacuse.com, CBS News and PRNewswire promoting the new book. Titled “Baseball Genius” the story revolves around a young boy who uses his incredible talent to assist the failing career of a New York Yankee. To find out more, click here.








timgreensyracuse_a_current_affairA Current Affair

A revitalization of the previous show that aired from 1986 to 1996, A Current Affair started again in 2005 with Tim Green as the host.  The original show had a variety of hosts including Maury Povich, Maurreen O’Boyle, Penny Daniels and Jon Scott and featured popular new stories that ranged from entertainment to more in-depth and gritty stories that were often overlooked by major networks.  Tim Green, former defensive end of the Atlanta Falcons, was the only host of A Current Affair that was broadcast on FOX and featured more serious and less entertainment focused stories than the original.


BattleBots was a popular television show on Comedy Central from 2000 to 2002.  Tim Green became an announcer in the second season teamed up with Bil Dwyer.  The show entailed remote controlled machines that were armored and designed to fight each other in an arena.  While the aim was for one BattleBot to destroy the other, if both were functioning by the end of the match, the winner was awarded through a points system.  Also featured on the show was Bill Nye as the technical expert and a medley of guests such as Carmen Electra, Donna D’Errico, Traci Bingham and Randy and Jason Sklar.  The show lasted for five seasons with 94 episodes.

timgreensyracuse_findmyfamilyFind My Family

After authoring A Man and His Mother: An Adopted Son’s Search and working some time on Good Morning America, ABC chose Tim Green to host a show called Find My Family that focused on adopted individuals who where in search of finding their biological family.  Tim Green had been an adopted child and while he stated that the parents who raised him will always be his family, there are many adopted individuals who feel the void that Tim did growing up.  Find My Family identified the difficulty in searching for your biological family as an adopted individual and shined at demonstrating the resolve, determination and satisfaction one needs and receives in searching for the truth.

timgreensyracuse_foxsportsNFL on FOX Sports

After retiring from the NFL, Tim Green became an NFL analyst on FOX Sports for eleven years where he worked with Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Pam Oliver, Howie Long, and more. As a game analyst, Tim teamed up with play-by-play announcers Joe Buck, Kenny Albert, and Kurt Menafee during his career.